Our Company

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GeoNovation is software development company specialized in SaaS and Web applications with the aim to builds software solutions for industries and emerging countries and help to achieve some of UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


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As engineers, we believe technology could play an important role in solving some of the world's most relevant issues, like climate crisis, waste management and biodiversity lost.

On the long-term, we're committed create partnership and collaborate with other companies on projects that help addressing these issues and provide some proposal and solution to mitigate these problems.

One of our dream projects is to use GIS technologies and interactive maps that to control and mitigate disaster of climate in risky area threatened by water floods or fire.

What we do

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On the other hand, we do software consultancy, focused on full-stack SaaS application, giving a lot of importance on quality of the software: our key point is to deliver an high-quality and easy-maintenable architecture.

We accept technical challenges and we have always exceed clients' expectation, working closely with them to provide tailored solutions according to their unique needs. We value collaboration and transparence in communication with all our partners and stakeholders.

Until now, we have developed many projects in different technologies for various countries and organization.