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Not enough high-skilled tech resources

Your company has new development projects, but you struggle to grow your tech teams and find good developers who are capable of working autonomously.

The average costs and time of an hiring process for a Mid-Developer is of more than 8.550€* and 45 days (min 1 month) is a risky and slow process that require to invest resources, that increase your time-to-market and make it not competitive for and middle-term projects.

*Calculated over a recruitment cost of 15% on average salary 57.000€ in major European Cities plus indirect costs in managing the process and interviews.

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Solution #1

Build an Hybrid DEV team

Complete your team in just some weeks with Time & Material formula with excellent technical profiles, just for the time required for the project.

We provide high-skilled tech profiles to onboard in your development teach with an extended tech background from previous projects. Faster and cheaper than a recruitment agency.

Solution #2

Build an external tech squad

Do you need to build a dedicated squad to build a specific microservice, application or backend?

We build a specialized tech squad according the technical requirement and we collaborate hand-by-hand with others dev teams to create, deploy and integrate the code with Agile methodologies.

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