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Drupal Development Trends for 2024

Drupal Development Trends

What Is The Future Scope Of Drupal? 

As we look towards 2024, Drupal continues to evolve, adapting to new technological trends and user needs. Drupal websites may aim to be at the forefront of trends and give users the most exciting online journeys. In this article, we'll look at the top Drupal development trends to watch out for this 2024, including the anticipation of Drupal 10.3 and Drupal 11 releases, promising to introduce a suite of enhancements that will further establish Drupal's position as a leading CMS.


Enhancements in Maintenance and Automation

In web development, the importance of maintenance and automation cannot be overstated. Recognizing this, Drupal is making considerable strides to enhance these aspects. These improvements are expected to reduce the time and effort required for site maintenance, enabling developers to focus more on innovation rather than routine tasks. Automation in testing, updates, and deployment processes will streamline development workflows, leading to higher-quality websites with less manual intervention.


Installation of Modules and Themes Through UI

The ease of installing modules and themes via the Drupal UI is a game-changer, especially for site builders and non-developers. This user-friendly approach democratizes web development, allowing individuals without extensive coding knowledge to customize their sites more effectively. The impact of this feature is profound, potentially expanding Drupal's user base and fostering a more inclusive community of site builders.


Transition to CKEditor 5

The upgrade to CKEditor 5 is a notable improvement in Drupal's content editing capabilities. With a more modern and user-friendly interface, CKEditor 5 offers enhanced features such as better content styling options, improved media handling, and more efficient editing workflows. This transition underscores Drupal's commitment to providing a superior content management experience, making it easier for editors to create and manage engaging content.


Improvements in Layout Builder

The Layout Builder is a critical feature in Drupal, offering site builders and editors the flexibility to create custom layouts for their content. The anticipated improvements in this area are set to enhance usability and functionality, making it even easier to design sophisticated site layouts without the need for custom coding. These enhancements will significantly benefit editorial teams, streamlining content presentation and management.


Simplifying Content Structure Modeling

Content structure modeling presents challenges, particularly for complex websites with diverse content needs. Drupal's efforts to simplify this process aim to make it more intuitive for site builders to model and manage content structures. This simplification will help users more efficiently organize content, enhancing site navigation and user experience.


UI/UX Enhancements

The importance of UI/UX in website administration cannot be overstated, and Drupal is set to introduce specific enhancements in this area in 2024. These improvements will focus on making the admin interface more intuitive, responsive, and visually appealing. Enhancing UI/UX is crucial for reducing the learning curve for new users and improving productivity for experienced users.


The Rise of the Gin Admin Theme

The Gin admin theme represents a modern approach to Drupal's admin interface. With its clean design and user-centric features, Gin is designed to improve the administrative experience, making site management more efficient and enjoyable. Its adoption underscores Drupal's focus on UI/UX, showcasing a commitment to providing cutting-edge tools for its community.



The trends shaping Drupal in 2024 reflect a broader commitment to evolution and innovation. From the release of Drupal 10.3 and Drupal 11 to enhancements in maintenance, automation, and content management, these trends promise to elevate the Drupal experience for developers, site builders, and end-users. As Drupal continues to adapt and grow, its community stands ready to embrace these changes, shaping the future of this powerful CMS.


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