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Renato Soru - Progetto Sardegna membership portal

Project Location
Cagliari - Sardinia
Project Deliverable
Internal Platform
Project Industry
Political Organization
Project Timeline
2 months
progetto sardegna - main website
progetto sardegna - portal

The client

Renato Soru is an Italian entrepreneur and politician, former president of the Sardinia Region, and current founder of Progetto Sardegna, a political organization with the aim of transforming Sardinia into a technological and innovative hub.

Renato Soru is known for his innovative vision and commitment to technological development and digital inclusion, as he founded Tiscali, one of the biggest internet service companies in Italy, based in Cagliari.

The Project

Progetto Sardegna is a growing political organization at a regional level, with a need to have an efficient system to manage affiliations and collect membership fees.

This project aims to automate the sign-up process for new members and facilitate the collection of membership fees.

We have developed a separate web portal using modern technologies in PHP and Laravel 11 to manage the entire membership process and member data collection, integrating it with Stripe for payment management, and which allows administrators to manage all the registered members.

Once the affiliate is registered, a unique membership number is generated which will be automatically emailed to the affiliate with his digital registration card.

The new membership portal has significantly improved the operational efficiency of Progetto Sardegna by allowing more effective management of affiliations and membership fees, demonstrating how the use of modern technologies can support the needs of a growing political organization.

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